Lion Cut

Mabel gets so hot in the summer with her thick coat, so I did my best to shave her down and give her a lion cut. It’s a little sloppier than I intended, because she’s so darn wiggly and really hates the buzzer. Even taking these photos was a feat, because I couldn’t get her to stop racing in circles around the chicken coop! I can’t hold the wiggles against her though, considering how far she’s come since last summer.┬áIf you’ve ever wanted to try the art of cutting hair, practice on a dog. They really don’t mind if you screw it up!

lion cut

lion cut

lion cut


  1. Hien

    Hi Amanda!

    I giggled a bit when I saw your photos of Mabel. She’s still so cute though! Glad that she recovered & is back to her normal self :)

    I have a question, the word ‘RAWR’ How did you made that cut out effect?

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh, that’s just white text I overlaid in photoshop. Much easier than cutting out. :) The font is called AW Conqueror Inline.

  2. Andrea

    Haha what a cutie!! My cat has a pretty long fur and refuses to have it brushed, so we have to shave her too once every summer. She usually looks similar to your little one. ;)
    xo Andrea

  3. Ingrid

    Your dog is just precious! I have a spoodle and I think I might have to try this haircut on her for the summer months here in NZ :)

  4. Kira

    She’s the cutest! I was wondering if we were going to get to see the pics of her like this since it’s been cooler this summer. Have your dogs taken to the chicks well? My partner and I want to do this when we get a house. But him and I are concerned our beagles would be TOO into them!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Our dogs kinda want to eat the chicks and/or play with them until they accidentally die! We’ve kept them separate so far, but I think once the chickens are full grown and the same size as Mabel they will be able to hold their own. ;)

  5. Lily

    How is it having chickens? I recently had the opportunity to be a (3) black silkie chicken owner but thought with 2 dogs and a bird already, it would be too much work to add in to our morning routine.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Aww I almost got some silkies! They are the cutest chickens. I read that they were a bit higher maintenance so I stuck with regular chickens for starters. :) So far I love it, and they have so much personality. I’m going to do a post sharing their finished coop and stuff sometime soon. Now that they’re living in the coop the maintenance each day has been really quick easy, but I find myself sitting out there with them to watch them peck around. They’re already getting good at begging for treats!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      We absolutely love ours! I would whole heartedly recommend Windy Hill Kennel in Ohio. That’s where we got Mabel and they flew her to us with no problems. They are really great people and have amazing dogs!

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