Two Duvets, One Bed

When we visited Iceland a while back, I got some of the most sound sleep I’ve had in recent memory. Instead of a top sheet and one big comforter draped over the bed, Icelandic double beds are topped with two fluffy down duvets (untucked) and no top sheet at all. I had a whole duvet to myself (with no one yanking it away in the middle of the night), and I slept like a rock. I went home thinking Iceland was just a magical place, and I would never sleep that well again. It didn’t cross my mind to change our bedding at home until the hotels in Switzerland had the same kind of bedding, and once again I slept great. If you share a bed, two untucked duvets with no top sheet is genius. Think about it…

  • no more tug-of-war over shared covers (this is huge)
  • there’s no top sheet that will untuck from the foot of the bed, creep up, and tangle around your feet
  • no worries about having the proper comforter to sheet ratio on each side of the bed
  • if you share your bed with a night farter, offensive smells will be trapped under their duvet (not yours)
  • your duvet will be left unscathed if your sleep walking spouse regularly pulls the covers off the bed and wanders around the house with them in the middle of the night
  • you can bunch up your duvet however you want, stick your feet out the bottom, whatever, and it won’t disturb your bed buddy’s slumber

So, is your mind blown?! Are you going to rush out and buy two duvets? Our queen sized bed is now topped with two twin duvets, and we love it! I only have two problems with our new and improved bedding set up. First, frequent duvet washing is kind of a pain in the butt, but we’re getting better at un-stuffing and re-stuffing them quickly. Second, I can’t figure out how to make our bed! It was so easy before, and now I’m bewildered. Here are the bed making options I’ve come up with.

1. Wad up both duvets and leave them in the middle of the bed. (Our current technique.)

two duvets one bed

2. Spread the duvets out side by side. Not much better looking than the wadding method.

two duvets one bed

3. Fold each duvet in half and lay them next to each other. This screams “dorm room” to me.

two duvets one bed

4. Drape a blanket over the “dorm room” technique. It helps a bit.

two duvets one bed

5. This is how the beds in Switzerland were made up, with each duvet folded in thirds. It’s not too shabby, but I don’t love it, and it’s annoying to have to unfold that much when you get into bed.

two duvets one bed

6. This is my favorite look—fold each duvet into thirds and top it with a tucked in blanket. Let’s face it though, I’m too lazy to do all that folding and tucking every morning. Maybe we’ll stick with the wadding method on a daily basis, and save this for special occasions.

two duvets one bed

Which is your favorite? Is there some trick to making a double duvet bed that I’m missing?


  1. paperandash

    Hi Amanda,
    I also gave away using a top sheet many years ago when I stayed with dutch friends just had a duvet – and I LOVE it and would never go back!!

    I totally see your issue though with the bed-making and being really fussy with how things look that would drive me crazy! We however don’t have that problem as we don’t have two duvets – just one oversized one (and the fitted sheet on the bottom ofcourse) – this means no issues at all – in fact it is so simple to make the bed each morning its just a case of pulling one big duvet up – or in most cases we fold it back tidily to the foot of the bed so the bed airs each day.

    We have the same set up on our guest beds and every one always says how great they sleep and how cosy the beds are and are surprised they don’t miss a top sheet. I actually think the reason for the great sleep is NOT about two duvets – but just about not having a sheet between you and the duvet which means it completely envelopes you and you can nestle into it.

    I know you have just invested in two twin duvets but I suggest you try it with your old duvet (no top sheet) if you haven’t already and see if it works as well – or better yet get a king duvet (for your queen bed) as then there is plenty of duvet to go around. This doesn’t help with containing another’s farts of course! ;-)

    I also struggled at first with the idea of having to wash the duvet cover each week and change it – but you soon get used to it and its a good excuse to have a second design to alternate!

    hope that helps!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yeah, down with top sheets! For us the best part of using 2 duvets has been not having to fight over who has more covers, so I don’t think I can go back to one duvet after tasting sweet freedom. ;) Even our previous king sized comforter on our queen sized bed wasn’t big enough for us to share, haha. I love the idea of having multiple duvet designs to mix it up!

    2. Robin Michetti

      Since living in Europe for a few years in my early twenties…40 years ago!…I adopted the ‘European duvet bedding system’. My children never had anything on their cribs or beds other than sheet encased duvets. No more top sheets! You don’t actually put the duvet against your skin. There is a cover that you slip on like you do with a pillow case. I used to make my own by sewing two top sheets together but now they are sold everywhere in Canada…but I don’t think in the US. Oh yes, at IKEA they are sold but make sure the duvet covers are made with soft material. Some can be rough. Even as small children, my kids could make their own beds by just tugging at each corner. On my husband and my king size bed, we have two single bed duvets that we just shake and drop and the bed is instantly made. And as you say, no battle for the blankets each night. And if you are hot, just pull up a side or expose your feet. It’s wonderful! We change our sheets every two weeks because we flip the duvets every morning which allows the ‘used’ side to air. That also means that each side is against our bodies for one week. Getting the duvet into the cover takes a couple of minutes and that’s it for another two weeks. We have them on our guest beds and our guests say that they feel cozy and comfy and have never slept better. Suggestion: Sleep with the window wide open…yes, even in a Canadian winter where we live, because under your down duvet, you will be as snug as a bug in a rug!

    3. Letha Zahradka Kern

      Just seeing this post…Our experience with the 2 duvets on one bed…it was a king with 2 twin duvets though…they folded each duvet in half lengthwise and just laid them on top of mattress. Their fillers were much fluffier than yours..perhaps that is the reason it doesnt look satisfying to u… nothing else on the bed

  2. Maya

    We have two because we co-sleep with our son. That way, he’s not covered up. I like it in general because my husband likes lots of covers and I don’t. Anyway, I would get a thin coverlet, then make the twin duvets up dorm style and pop the coverlet on top. For me, I’d put the coverlet from the top of the bed to the bottom, the regular pillows on top, then a couple of decorative pillows that coordinate with the coverlet. Then just throw any unnecessary pillows and the coverlet off to the side to sleep. Shouldn’t take too much time to make in the morning either without that pesky top sheet (I hate those!)

  3. Aly

    I agree, no top sheet is the best thing ever! MAking the bed- why not try stacking your duvets one on top of the other, unfolded. Then when you go to bed, push one blanket, and pull the other over. It might be a bit of work when going to sleep, but it’s easy to throw open the duvets to make the bed, and it might look a bit tidier. Thoughts?

    1. Rachel

      This is what we do. We have a double bed with two double duvets. When made it looks like a normal bed.

  4. Elnora

    So glad you learned how great it is to sleep under duvets! My husband and I used to live in Norway, where that’s popular, too. The Norwegians typically fold the duvet in thirds the short way and then place it across the foot of the bed. It looks fine! I really resisted learning to quilt because there’s no way I’d ever sleep under something that heavy, but eventually I succumbed, but I’ll only use a quilt for snuggling under in front of the tv, etc. In bed, it’s a fluffy duvet and no top sheet. :)

    1. Karen

      I agree. I prefer the duvets folded into a sort of cube-shape, and placed at the foot of the bed. Then you don’t have to think about wrinkly covers. I still use decorative pillows at the head.

  5. Tina

    It’s funny how we, europeans, tend to go for 1 duvet bed these days, while you just discovered the pros of 2 duvets (together with many of my US friends). I tried one oversized duvet on our bed because I just love the way you can make the bed in the morning easily and it always looks lovely. But we couldn’t stand everynight fights over it, so we are back to 2 duvets again. I’ve been struggling with them every morning tho, but I usually stack them on each other (unfolded) and place them at the foot of the bed. Then throw a decorative blanket partly over them.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I’ll have to try stacking them at the foot of the bed, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks Tina!

  6. Meike

    I think all of mainland Europe do it this way. I am German with an English boyfriend and although I am used to having my own duvet, he insists on sharing a big one. I am hoping to persuade him otherwise one day as sleeping with one duvet each is just so much better and it doesn’t even mean that you can never cuddle under one duvet together either (which is his main argument for not having individual ones).

    1. Ashlee

      My husband and I just overlap our blankets when we want to cuddle, then both blankets are toasty when we’re ready to shift apart.

    2. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      That’s what we’ve been doing too Ashlee. Works great for cuddling since both duvets get warmed up, so when you return to your own side of the bed the covers over there aren’t cold. ;)

  7. Elv

    Hi Amanda!

    First of all, I love reading your blog!
    Second, I’m Dutch and it’s quite common here to sleep under a duvet and wash the cover every week, no biggie for us! I know that a lot of Dutch couples share one large queen sized duvet but from my experience I can tell that also ends in a tug of war. So my SO and I fixed that by having two queen sized duvets with each our own cover (it was worth the investment!) and this way we are still able to make the bed the way we like it to look. It makes it look like the sheet and comforter. We make the bed with one duvet and put the other one at the bottom like the comforter. Hopefully this explanation makes sense, but I like the look of that and having one queen sized duvet all for my self is great. Having a duvet for yourself is better for us because it makes us sleep better and therefore makes happier persons in the morning! :)

    Have a great day!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      That is so smart Elv! Next time I need to replace our bedding I’ll go with 2 queen duvets so I can stack them!

  8. Riikka

    I didn’t even know that it was this common to sleep under a one big comforter! I’m from Finland and everyone I know sleeps with their own duvet. Maybe it’s a European thing? I make the bed by that “dorm style” and then pull a nice bed spread over it, to keep out the dust. But we don’t sleep with the bed spread, just the duvets.

  9. Julie

    I live in Denmark, and here everybody uses duvets. I hate when we travel and we have to sleep in sheets, with blankets or so. Normally we tuck the bed by folding it like 2/3, so 2/3 is upside and 1/3 is underneath, and sometimes – or lets just say when we have quests, we put a big blanket on top so it covers the whole bed.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh yeah, I think I’ll have to bring my own duvet when we travel now. ;)

  10. Ruth

    Hi Amanda!
    I live in the UK and although some still use a sheet and duvet, I think most of us just sleep under just a duvet. Duck/down filled duvets are so cozy! We have a super king size bed and keep saying we should try two duvets, rather than the huge one we have now. You’ve motivated me to think about it again. I’d love to see more of your ideas on this subject :-) PS: I’d still be gassed by my other half’s farts even with separate covers!

  11. Antilight

    Haha :) I’m Polish and in here duvets are totally normal. Some people sleep together under one, some (like us) have two of them. Imagine my wonderment when I arrived to Virginia (to live there for a year) and found almost no duvets in local target (the ones they had were to expensive for me). Finally sleeping under a sheet and comforter was strange but I got used to it, but when I got back home I snuggled back in my duvet :) If you want some bedding tips, try googling IKEA european style :) The big plus of duvets is that you can change covers whenever you want to restyle your bedroom and they don’t take too much space like a couple of comforter would.

    1. kristin

      Haha! I was going to mention IKEA, too, cuz they had this concept in their last magazine, but with two mismatched duvets (one lady like and one manly). I was always so perplexed why they never sold sheet sets in IKEA, but now I know this is just how it’s done there!

  12. kristin

    This is how they do it in Finland, too. When we first visited, the hotel we stayed at actually had two twin beds pushed together to make a king bed. So both had separate sheets and duvets, and they folded them in half on each side to make the bed (we found the same duvet set-up in a native Air BnB residence, too). I thought it was pretty much the best thing ever since you’re still sleeping with your spouse but it feels like you’ve got a whole bed to yourself. I slept like a log!

    Now that we’re living in Finland, it’s pretty hard (read, impossible) to find sheet sets as I know them from Canada (fitted bottom, top sheet, pillow cases). They only sell duvet covers with matching pillow cases and then you have to buy a single sheet for the bottom separately. So we decided to embrace the culture and go with a bottom sheet and duvet only. I liked the separate duvets a lot, but the single one is definitely less hassle and feels just as nice! When we return to Canada, I’ll definitely be keeping this routine. Much cheaper than buying all the other extraneous sheets and cases etc. and it’s so easy to make the bed now!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yeah, getting rid of the top sheet is for the best. Now I just have a whole drawerful that I won’t be using and need to find a use for! Maybe I’ll sew them into duvet covers. :)

    2. Bill Abler

      One thing you can do if you dump the top sheets is to convert them to fitted sheets if you or someone you knows sews. Elastic is inexpensive and theres all types of plans on the internet for this. Usually fitted sheets wear out quicker making this quite useful. I like my duvets so much Im a guy who got and sewed covers for both my kids too.

  13. Robyn

    I think I’m the only American chiming in here. Who knew that what I considered a very childish, sloppy and possibly tacky habit of my own is actually very European! Yay! That’s what I’m going with and calling it from now on (the European way). My parents never made us keep our beds except for when grandparents or company were visiting and so I was just used to having a comforter or duvet loose on the bed. I’m a light sleeper, so when Matt and I moved in together I refused to start fighting over a blanket. We do option 1 normally and when company visits I just make the bed like a normal person, but I love these alternative ideas for day to day use.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      You are so innovative Robyn! I wish I had thought of this myself a lot earlier. :)

  14. Jo

    I didn’t read all the comments but why not fold them on top like you show and then get a big quilt, bedspread or something and put it over the whole bed so it covers everything up. then you could just fold it down to the bottom when you go to bed.

  15. Mary

    I love this idea! I’d be tempted to quickly fold the two twin duvets and plunk them on a bench at the foot of the bed. I’d use a queen sized duvet during the day and just swap them at night.

    This would keep the larger one for show neater and cleaner. It also wouldn’t need to be laundered as frequently.

    We both enjoy making our bed together in the morning. The room feels peaceful and uncluttered that way.

  16. Katherine

    I discovered this living in Germany too. Just in a single bed but they did the two-singles-on-a-double-bed thing too. Changing my doona cover that often was tiresome until the Germans taught me how! Turn your doona cover inside out, put your arms up inside and find the top corners, bunching the fabric up on your arms, then grasp the top corners of the inner quilt and sort of flick the cover back out over the quilt so it turns out the right way. Keep holding on tight and give it a good shake to spread it all out. Makes it pretty fast and easy. Hope that description makes sense!!

    I do this all the time for my kids now because the flat sheets were just a constant mess and basically unused while adding to my laundry loads, so now they just sit clean and unused in the cupboard instead!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Ok, that sounds so much easier than what we’ve been doing. Thank you Katherine, we’ll give it at try this week!


      I do the same cover changing technique but using corner clips that I bought at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. The clips attach the inside-out cover to the doona/duvet/comforter at each corner, then turn the cover inside out. Everything stays together that way and the duvet doesn’t become bunched up inside the cover.

  17. Stephanie

    at first i though, whats the deal with the duvets? But after reading the comments i understand the difference. My boyfriend and i, we have in the winter one big duvet, which irritate a lot of people because here in germany, the can’t imagine to share a duvet. But in the winter, we love it. In the summer, we have two light duvets oder just two sheets. For me, picture 3 ist the normal german way. Really unsexy ;). But i prefer to lay the duvets or sheets at the end of the bed, so the bed can “breathe”.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks for weighing in Stephanie! I’ll have to try them at the end of the bed to see how that works for us!

  18. Emma

    we have a king bed and 2 king sized duvets. normally they are just left haphazard, but if we have people over, we just lay both of them out flat on top of each other. it is just like it would normally look with one duvet but fluffier.

    1. Kbw

      We do 2 queen duvets on our king bed and place them like tacos with a comforter over them. I love this…but my husband complains that his duvet is always messed up and falling on the floor and upside down! I was trying to see if I could make some kind of elastic down the centre of the bed to anchor the sheets in the middle. Emma…how do you sleep with your king duvets…don’t they fall off the edge?!

  19. Ariel

    I love this. Chris and I have our own version of this where we each have our own sheet because I like to sleep like a mummy all wrapped up. But, then one of us gets the nice duvet and the other gets a crappy blanket…so I think I will try this now.

  20. Lina

    Hi Amanda, how funny you should write about this! We’ve been to a couple of weddings this year and I’ve always given the newlyweds one piece of advice which is “Get separate duvets!”. We’ve had two duvets forever, it’s standard in Finland where I’m from. The way to make up the bed is to just lay the duvets flat on either side and cover with a beautiful bedcover. Tadah! Much more attractive then just the duvets.

  21. Adriana

    It looks like you might have room for a chest at the end of the bed. you could stash the two duvets in there and just have the bottom sheet and a throw or coverlet/bedspread for show. You could put the coverlet and extra pillows in there at night or just on top to keep them off the floor. Just an idea.

  22. Carol

    I just had 2 weeks of the twin duvet in Germany and Netherlands. I love it, but what do I order. I pull up duvet and get sets. Comforters may be it, but then what do you order to cover it? Help

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Just buy a twin duvet cover and a twin sized down or down alternative comforter to put inside the duvet cover. I found mine on

  23. Debra

    I feel so vindicated!! All my family and friends look at me crazy when they spend the night with us because all we use (and for years now) is a fitted sheet and a duvet. I love it!!

    1. Christa

      I found this while searching “how to make a bed with two duvets” and your options made me laugh out loud! Love this blog!
      my husband thinks I’m weird for switching to this method, but I tell him it just might save his blanket-twisting-life one of these nights!
      I think it’s genious!

  24. Debbie

    After having a European style king bed in the winter with two down comforters – but reverting to a top sheet and a light blanket for the summer – my new summer weight duvets just arrived today. I ordered them from Illum Bolighus in Copenhagen and they arrived in the US within a week. For all of the reasons you have listed – this is the best way to sleep. And for the future – my only use for top sheets is to make new duvet covers!

  25. Lizzy

    I really liked the two duvet style when I visited Norway. I’m buying new bedding and thinking of using two duvets with plain covers and when making the bed using the printed duvet cover (that matches the shams) on top like a bedspread. Not sure if this will work. Maybe the duvet cover won’t be long enough. Maybe I should just buy two twin printed duvet covers but I want the bed to look uniform during the day. Does that make sense or am I nutty. I also wish companies would make larger sized duvet covers. My king mattress is oversized. If I go with the two printed duvets I could get a matching blanket or coverlet to cover half like your photo. Aren’t I lucky to have the luxury of this type of problem.

  26. Lynn

    This discussion seems to imply that European single duvet are the same as US twin .. but the sizes are very different, aren’t they .. with the US twin duvet being larger?

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yes, I believe the US twin duvets that I bought are larger than European single duvets. I couldn’t find the smaller ones here in the US. Although some of the beds we came across in Switzerland seemed to be made up with 2 US twin size duvets.

  27. Majal

    I happened upon this post because I’m pondering the duvet conundrum, too, haha. I have a question- are those curtains lilac? They look so pretty in the photos! I’d love to know where they’re from. :)

  28. Peg

    I am tired of fighting all night with my husband for my half of a king-size duvet. I’m thinking of just cutting it in half, duvet and cover (finishing the cut edges, of course), but I wonder if half a king is actually wide enough when used individually. Some of you speak of using two twins, but I was hoping not to have to buy more bedding.

    1. Sofia

      I don’t know the size of a king duvet, but I just measured our individual duvets (standard European size) and they are 50 inches wide.

    2. Jennifer

      Peg, I have been considering cutting my king comforter in half and finishing the edges just got the simple fact that it is a nightmare to launder. I have to take it to the laundromat and spend 3 hours washing and dryi g because it won’t fit in my washer and dryer at home. This article has given me great ideas! I think I’ll be purchasing 2 new duvets and some sort of king size coverlet or blanket to tie it together. Then I can wash it ALL at home as often as I like. Yay!!

  29. Sofia

    I found your post while looking to fix the same problem, so thank you for this, and all the cool comments :)

    The double duvet thing isn’t European though, but Northern European (Switzerland is a funky mix ;-) ). I’m French and have also lived in Spain, where most people use a single large duvet. I discovered the individual duvet option when I moved to Denmark. Well, I slept with them as a child, but it was unthinkable to use them in a double bed. In fact, my family calls me “so individualist” when they visit and see that we don’t share the same duvet ;-)
    I personally love sharing a large duvet, mostly because it makes it so easy to make the bed pretty :) and since I barely move during the night, there is bo tug-of-war on my part. But my Danish partner cannot get used to it: he says he gets so claustrophobic as he needs his legs wrapped around his own duvet ;-)
    So I lost that battle, and have accepted having an ugly bed ever since :) I personally LOVE the old-fashioned American bed with a heavy quilt, and every option I’ve tried to cover the two duvets with a top blanket looks ugly to me because it shows the gap between to two duvets.
    So, I have no extra suggestions, but wanted to say thank you for bringing the topic up :)
    I agree with what someone else wrote though: you look like you have room for a chest, where you could store the two duvets during the day and replace them with a double duvet ;-) I would if our bedroom wasn’t so tiny.

  30. Jane

    We gave up on a double duvet years ago as my husband overheats and I feel the cold. I wish we could have 2 duvets but he finds even a 3 tog too hot so I have a duvet and he has a sheet and blanket which really annoys me because it looks all wrong and is awkward for snuggling up. Any suggestions gratefully recieved!

  31. gloria

    My hubby has a heavy duty quilt, (duvet, doona, whatever), even in summer, whilst I have a thin light one all year…
    He snuggles under, and I scrunch mine into a body pillow. We don’t make the bed unless we have company – just google what lives in the bed if you don’t air it every day. I have a fancy fitted coverlet that goes over both doonas when we want to ‘make the bed’. For every day, we simply draw the doonas back to the foot of the bed. We also wash sheets and duvet covers and mattress protectors weekly.
    The mattress gets steamed monthly, pillows and doonas are aired outdoors at that time. Doonas and pillows are washed every quarter – as each season begins.
    We always have lovely fresh bedding, no fights, and no uncomfortable sleeping temps.

  32. Ruth

    Hi Amanda,
    We came back from Iceland and loved the two-duvet routine also. Then I found your blog and loved what you had to say, your photos, and all of the responses. The bed-making scheme is problematic, and I haven’t loved any of the solutions. The one we’re using however is the one I dislike the least. :-)
    We put one duvet on the bed hanging about 18″ off the bed on one side and then covering 2/3 of the top of the bed. Then we layer the second duvet hanging 18″ off the bed and the other side and covering the other 2/3 of the top of the bed with the overlap obviously being thicker than the sides and the edge of the top duvet showing. My daughter keeps telling me to think of it as a wrap skirt… One thing I like about this method is that the bed’s ready to crawl into.
    I love your blog!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thank you, Ruth!! This is my favorite way of making the bed now!! Genius. :)

  33. Tracey

    Where, oh where, can someone living in the U.S. buy these duvets and their washable covers? My husband and I have considered converting our king size bedding to two duvets for years. I think it time! Thanks.

    1. Marie Lyons

      We just returned from Norway, and, once again, experienced the beauty of a ‘single’ duvet for each of us in our king sized bed. Wonderful! Decided not to bring two duvets and duvet covers back with us because of space and expense contraints, but to order them from abroad once we returned to U.S. VERY difficult to do. They just aren’t available here in the States and the only place we could find online in Europe that would mail to us is Marks & Spencer in England. That’s good, but it has been a 2 week, 10 call fiasco. We were sent two duvets, but double size (too large!), have returned these and after lots of problems, think maybe we will actually be sent two proper sized duvets (singles). So good luck. Wish we had bit the bullet and bought the ones we saw (reasonably priced) at the IKEA in Norway.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yes, US twin size is much larger than the European single duvet size. That’s why it’s so hard to figure out how to make the bed! ;)

  34. megan

    I have a king sized bed (Australia) and want to get 2 duvets.
    Do I buy…

    2 x king single duvets
    2 x singles??
    2 x doubles!

    1. Corinne

      Megan, I am in the same situation. Bedding in Australia appears to be a different size again. Also have a king size bed but think that two single duvets will be too small. Curious to know what you decided to go with?

    2. Sally Luttrell

      Hi Megan,
      I want to know the same thing!
      I’m in Perth. We have just bought a “split king” – 2 single mattresses on one king size base. The beds are adjustable at both ends.
      I am a hot sleeper and my husband is cold so no shared bedding for us in the winter. I am trying to decide on the right size doonas. I am reading all these responses with interest but I don’t want the doonas to overlap in the middle and I also worry if there’s too much bulk going over the side of the bed, the doona will fall off. I am thinking no more than a double doona on each single – or maybe even just a king single size. What did you decide on?

  35. iris

    Where can I buy sheets for my double duvet system…I bought the two duvets in Norway and immediately replaced the one large king duvet…but I need covers for those two smaller ones! They are 50″ w by 77″ long

    1. iris

      I meant duvet covers!! not sheets…not looking for sheets…I need covers for the two down filled norweigan duvets! thanks, sorry.

  36. Joanne Phillips

    I have a king-size bed and use two twin duvets (one down and one light) with Ikea twin duvet covers. I found the best-looking and easiest way to make the bed is to flip one duvet, letting it hang over the side and bottom of the bed, and then fold the other side under down the middle of the bed. I do the same thing with the other duvet so the folded sides meet. It looks great! I would add a picture, but I don’t see any way of doing that. Using two duvets has really solved the problem of DH always being cold, and me being hot!

  37. Cheryl

    Following several trips to Europe we too have adopted two duvets. Sleep so much better especially in winter. I have just purchased two more for our holiday home as my husband always hated the big heavy duvet there. They are so light yet so warm if you are cold and easy to throw off if you are hot. As for bed making, it’s a breeze. While you do have to change the covers regularly it’s much easier to change a single rather than a queen or king sized duvet.

  38. Chrissy Winsor

    I have never used 2 duvets on my queen size bed. But I don’t use the top sheet from the beginning. This is totally a great idea. I mean who is up for tug-of-war? Nobody. So this is a life changer! Down duvet of our own sounds heavenly to me. I am a big fan of down duvet, linen, and pretty much all of the soft and cosy bedding are my best buddies! Oh and I have been into online shopping a lot lately, I used to be paranoid but not anymore. When it comes to bedding shopping, it could be exhausting and stressful. Pretty much why I give online shopping a shot, and I don’t regret it! In fact, I love it! So come and shop with us!

  39. Sioned Lang

    I received my German bedding as a gift just as I was going thru “the change”. It was a great help with the quick changes between being too and too cold. Also, we each make up our own side when we get up.

    Next time I need a new set, I will buy at Ikea and cut it down to European size. As Ikea American twin size is too big for a qween bed.

  40. David S

    Does no one here get hot sleeping under a duvet in the summer? I’m in Germany for the first time, and I woke up with my big sleeping t-shirt drenched in sweat. Generally, in summer, I prefer to sleep only under a sheet. And I like the sheet tucked in. I’m 6 feet tall, and don’t like my feet hanging out from the bottom of the covers

  41. Pat

    Just got back from Europe and loved sleeping like this too. Was looking for a source to buy them when I found your site :)
    Any shopping recommendations?

  42. Erica

    Just returned from Iceland and Norway. We will be replacing our king sized goose down comforter with two twins. It was so great to have a very warm but very light weight goose down. Omforter all to my self. I am now struggling with which one to buy. Do folks think the added cost of 900 fill over let’s say 700 is worth it. I know I need box stitching.

  43. Jennifer van Spronsen

    Someone may have mentioned this already. We have two twin XLs (well, they’re ordered) –that makes a King size bed -which will be anchored together by a King headboard, so we will actually have separate beds. Because our beds will move up and down, we will have separate fitted sheets too. I’m thinking of buying a King size bedspread (not too thick) to use during the day, with our twin duvets folded and stacked at the foot of the bed. Then we’ll just pull off the bedspread at night and use our duvets. I’ll just leave the bedspread on the floor, and pick it up in the morning to make the bed. Having two XL twins means I won’t even feel it when my husband leaves the bed….he won’t be leaving mine. And we tried it out at the store, you can still cuddle in the middle without falling through, LOL.

  44. Leopold31

    This is one of the reasons I love to travel. People around the world really have great ideas, and this is one we found in Iceland and just loved. Total control over my own bedding.

  45. George Southwell

    We love the concept of twin duvets on a king bed but we can not find a comforter that is light enough for coastal Southern California. Down is way too hot. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    1. Sally Luttrell

      We are in a very hot LA type climate as well and now have split single beds. I am buying two French flax linen flat sheets quilted with a very thin (less than 1/4 inch thick) sandwich of pure wool batting for our winter. My husband uses a down doona but it’s too hot for me. I love the way the wool drapes so nicely. For summer, I will use a comforter made of two good quality pure cotton sheets lightly quilted together. If you do this for summer, make sure whatever you get is pure cotton so it breathes, and don’t get one with too much stitching. Strangely enough, a lot of quilting stitching increases the weight and makes it stiffer as well.

  46. SGC

    Did you ever decide a way of doing it that you are happy with??
    In your picture I did notice that at the end of your bed, the corners of your blanket could use a tad bit neater by doing it a different way. I was taught in nursing school how to make tight corners perfect. I just tried to describe in words but I had to earase it. Maybe google how to fold tight corners on bed sheets???

  47. Melissa

    Great conversation! For the people who think duvets are too hot, in the summer I have found that one regular top sheet and two flannel sheets are the perfect bedding for me. I like being able to fine-tune my temperature with these layers. In the fall I add a cotton blanket. In the winter, I like a fuzzy blanket scrunched around me, especially my feet. I don’t like a top sheet, so just wash the blanket often. So for me, because of the heat issue, I don’t think duvets are the solution. But I love having separate blankets. I found this blog while looking for ways to make the bed when you have separate blankets.

  48. Pixie Grindeland

    Where do you purchase the bed linens in the USA – I just returned from Norway and loved the folded duvet on top of the fitted sheet.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I just bought US twin size white duvet covers + comforters on Amazon.

  49. Terehaso

    This is the first time I have purchased a duvet. Growing up, I have owned a number of comforters, several blankets, an Afghan or two, but never a duvet. As it turns out, there is a fundamental difference between your standard comforter and a duvet: did you VA is designed to be put in a duvet cover, which was new to me as well. Thankfully, I did have YouTube up and there to Instruct me in the ways of duvet management so all was not lost. For the price, this was a really good deal, and it’s guilt free as there is not a feather to be found in it.

  50. Laura

    I have taken to sleeping with 2 duvets because I was going for a weighted blanket effect. Very sound sleep! I but the duvets on top of one another! Looks great! Or put one fully covering bed and one folded down on top. But these are 2 queen sized for just myself. But you could still do that and when you get in bed, each person gets their own. But that might fall into the too much work category.

  51. Mindy

    Great comments here about the double duvets on top of a fitted sheet. We feel in love with it while in Europe and wanted to duplicate it at home but the duvets seemed to be a different size at home… not quite a twin?? It seemed the size was just so perfect over there! I am frustrated I didn’t measure the duvets while there.

  52. Natasha

    Hi there. I’m originally from Russia so I never knew sheets and comfertors ether. In Israel they don’t exist too. I only learned about these two items in Canada and could not understand this uncomfortable way of no duvet. I still have hard time finding bedding to accommodate the duvets that I have. In Russia and Israel if you buy a set of bedding it always comes with fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases and a duvet cover, here in Canada I’m straggling to buy all that I need.

    As per covering your bed. I have down filed for 2 twin blankets on my king size bed. The blankets are warm and very thin and light, therefore when I overlap them you can’t see a difference in hight. Then I cover all this with bed throw and decor pillows.

  53. Val Blazich

    We were in Europe in 2006. I fell in love with the individual size duvets, one for each of us. They were neatly tri-folded on each size of the bed with the pillow on top. They were smaller than our twin size, 53×78 versus 66×90. That size is way easier to stuff each week! It was REALLY hot there, so it was so nice to be able to cover up as needed. There is a website, that sells the 53×78 European single versus the US twin measuring 66×90. I’m seriously going to look at. You can buy high quality beautiful sheets stateside to make into a duvet cover. Buy a queen size or whatever for the fitted sheet, then utilize the top sheet for the duvet covers. Buy fabric or sheets for the bottom of the duvet.

  54. Pam ellingson

    My husband and I just returned from a 6-country European backpacking tour and every AirBnb and hotel had the dual duvet set up with square pillows we could bend and squish pillows as desired. We are in our 50s and never slept so well! I’m converting all our bedding at home ASAP. Haven’t found the square pillows yet though. Recommendations for finding pillows appreciated. PS the beds were made up with duvets folded in half at the foot of the bed, allowing the sheets to air.

  55. P

    Many of you seem to put a lot of thought into how to make the bed look neat in the morning. Why worry about it? So long as the sheet is covered so the cats won’t sleep on it, that’s good enough for us.

    Cats, by the way, cause havoc for us by sleeping in between the two of us at night. That means a lot less duvet (we call them doonas in Australia) at the edges, which is why I’m researching using two.

  56. Barbara

    I’m going to try two single duvets. Our King sized duvet won’t fit in my washing machine. And I prefer to wash them frequently. Do you think this is a good idea.

    1. Jane Rozee

      What I have noticed is that everyone is looking to make her bed look American or Canadian. Simplicity is best with not draping of covers. There is peace in the bedroom with no clutter or unessential fabric. Just simple comfort. Two duvets, two pillows, square with a tip tucked and you are done. Don’t forget that in Europe he great sleep you had was not just the bedding but a mind set.

  57. Betsy

    I’ve been looking into two duvets, too. My husband and I live in Florida, but have traveled to Europe enough times to appreciate the double-duvet option. Also, I hate that I can’t clean a giant king comforter in the wash. I’m leaning towards purchasing two full-sized comforters and was browsing different sites for ideas, and after reading the comments here, found yet another option on YouTube! This lady drapes the duvets one over the other, but so the edges create a long drape on either side of the bed (with the overlap edge on whatever side isn’t seen). Smart and easy for when guests are over!

  58. Ashley

    I’ve been researching the heck out of this topic, not because of blanket hogging, but because of different *temperature* needs. He wants a fluffy duvet, I want a light quilt.

    Right now, we’re using a queen sized of each and it’s too much blanket. I was going to get a twin sized of each, but sewed together down the middle because…

    How the heck do you have sex with two duvets?!? Do you push one to the floor temporarily and both get under the other? It’s so annoying to have to pull it back up again after! Why is no one addressing intimacy in all the posts I’m reading?

    1. queenshaboo

      You just push the duvets onto the floor or to the side of the bed and you’re good to go! ;-p
      It’s harder when there’s 2 full size duvets, with singles it’s way easier to move them out of the way, trust me, I’ve tried many many times. You can hold hands and even spoon pretty easy with the 2 single duvet system for when you’re not in the mood. It’s genius for me as I also have diff temp needs from my husband which causes me to overheat and wake up multiple times in the night which wreaks havoc on my face (huge black circles under my eyes eugh). I’m also dealing with 2 queen sized blankets at the moment but this post might just inspire me to get 2 singles :)

    2. Alice

      Our blankets generally end up on the floor or end of the bed when we are being intimate no matter what the size or configuration of the bedding.

  59. Shabana Strauss

    I’m thinking your bed is perfectly set up for a canopy which will solve the problem of making the bed, esp as your ceiling already slopes up so you can easily install a hook for a half canopy or one that goes in the centre mosquito net style. Right now the eye goes immediately the corners of the mattress then up to the wadding, a half canopy would draw the eye instead up the ceiling while the netting/ drapery would further obscure the bedding which means you could dispense with having to ever do your bed again!! Wish I had a bed set up like that because my husband and I have also finally swapped over to a 2 duvet system; he being an inveterate burrito wrapped blanket hogger and us having different temperature needs; and it just occurred to me re: the making the bed problem as well. We had the same experience of sleeping in Iceland too, lol though my husband’s Bavarian parents have always slept like that.

  60. Mara Morey

    Hi, I don’t know how weird this is that I ended up here after 6 years, but this might say how “disparate” I am.
    I’m from Europe and I moved in USA(my husband is from here) and I’m used with 2 individual duvets but my problem is that I can’t find decent sizes. We have a kind bed and I would like 2 duvets that are like 55”x 80”.
    I don’t know if I would get any reply but I had to try
    If you know any shop where I can buy smaller duvets, I would really appreciate it

  61. Gwyn

    My partner and I have a constant tug of war at night. I also get cold really easily whereas he gets too hot at night. There are lots of reasons why two single duvets might be better. My only concern before taking this step is around cuddling. If you have two single duvets and you try to cuddle with your partner, will I end up lying between the two duvets and getting really cold? Is there any way of preventing the two duvets from splitting apart and creating a cold space without duvets when we are cuddling?

  62. Vangy

    Hi Amanda, I saw your article and the bed picture that reminded me of my stay at a Swiss Hotel years ago that had a thin warm comforter which I loved & surprisingly kept me warm in the cold weather there and did not give me a normal allergic reaction from down comforters.

    It was thin enough that you could launder it in a typical apartment regular size washing machine instead of having to go to the public laundromat for a large washing machine.

    Do you know where I can buy that same thin & warm comforter?


  63. Sara

    Simply I was spell-bound diving the deep into your duvets thinking and elegant room decoration. I found some great ideas to follow. Love all the stuffs you delivered to us.

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