Three Things

1. I’ve been having way too much fun rolling around the house in these.

roller skates

2. I’ve always wanted to grow herbs on my kitchen counter, but there’s not enough sunlight in there. So, I decided to get a cheap grow light (which unfortunately emits a gross neon purple glow) and picked up some herbs. If the light is enough to keep them growing, I’m heading to the pottery studio to make myself an assortment of pots to plant them in.

grow light herb garden

3. I never really liked tomatoes until I tasted my first perfectly ripe, locally grown heirloom tomato. Those pale sickly grocery store tomatoes aren’t really tomatoes at all! Now I’m hooked on the heirloom cherry tomatoes that come in our produce deliveries. They have so much flavor, and each color tastes completely different. I like to slice them all in half and sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on them before I eat them. Drool.

heirloom cherry tomatoes


  1. Maya

    !. Shut up! I want some white roller skates! (stupid carpet!)

    2. I have a bay window in my kitchen. I dream of outfitting the two smaller ones with glass shelves for herbs & plants.

    3. Yes! Reminds me of my granddaddy’s garden. (the best memories) :)

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