Sketchbook 1.20.15

Here are some of my sketches that led to this year’s new Valentine’s Day cards!

The pie holes card was initially going to have a pie on it, but I decided I didn’t want anybody to get caught up thinking of actual pie and miss the meaning of the card.

wit & whistle sketchbook

As I was drawing the man fur card I realized how weird noses are. Why do they look like that?! Seriously, google image search nose, and you’ll be horrified.

wit & whistle sketchbook

I didn’t get my donkey drawing quite right before my Valentine’s Day deadline, so this card will be coming sometime in the next few months (once I hone my ass drawing skills).

wit & whistle sketchbook

For the nose picker card illustration I had to analyze how one positions one’s hand when one picks one’s nose.

wit & whistle sketchbook

I couldn’t quite decide if I liked this Cupid concept enough to keep finessing the lettering and make it happen. Maybe I’ll save it for next year?

wit & whistle sketchbook


  1. Janna

    Haha- was “let’s touch pie holes” an Alex quote? It sounds like something he would say… As always, your cards are hilarious.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks Janna! I had the phrase “pie holes” on my mind for a while but couldn’t figure out how to use it. When Alex told you “I want to put my face on your face” I jotted it down and stewed on it, and finally end up with “let’s touch pie holes”. I wouldn’t have gotten there without him for sure! I swear, the best card ideas just come up in conversation. :)

  2. Janna

    I thought it was related to our day together! If you ever need inspiration, just call Alex and I’m sure he can inspire lots of ideas. :)

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