Three Phone-y Things

There are a handful of phone related things that are really tickling my fancy lately. For starters, my Aunt got me a retro phone handset for Christmas. It makes me laugh every time I see it plugged into my iPhone. From a practical standpoint, it really is more comfortable to hold an old school phone to your ear than a cell phone.

retro cell phone handset

I’m kinda in love with my transparent floral Rifle Paper Co. phone case. Who wants to hide their pretty phone under chunky opaque plastic? (Just in case anyone is on the fence about this—after much deliberation last fall I upgraded to the iPhone 6+, and I have no regrets. I love how huge it is, since I mostly look at images/read on my phone. The camera is great too!)

rifle paper co phone case

I saved the best for last! This free app, Pureple, is rocking my socks off. Last year I went through my wardrobe and pared it down to only my favorite items. Unfortunately I still ended up not wearing most of them, because it’s hard to visualize outfits from a bunch of clothes smooshed together in a closet. At least for me it is. Enter Pureple. In addition to totally confusing me about how to spell the color p-u-r-p-l-e, it has changed the way I get dressed in the morning while appealing to my hopeless type A-ness! (Hah, A-ness…)

Pureple app

The app lets you photograph the items in your wardrobe (or download photos from the internet) and arrange them into outfits. It’s really simple to use. To take the photos I just hung each item on the back of a white door so they all had the same background. Then I put together a bunch of different outfits, which was absurdly fun—like shopping in your own closet. Seeing everything laid out like that inspired a lot of combinations I wouldn’t have come up with otherwise. It was also easy to spot pieces that needed to be donated, because they didn’t fit in. Now in the mornings I just pick an outfit from the app and go. It’s so nice not to waste any more time staring into my closet feeling like I have nothing to wear.

By the way, if anybody’s been itching to jump on the minimalist wardrobe bandwagon, Pureple would be a great resource to help you come up with a bunch of creative outfits from just a few items.

(The Pureple people did not ask me to write about their app or promote it, I just really like it and thought you might too. Also, did I mention it’s free?)

Pureple app


  1. Amy Lynn

    I have been thinking about getting a phone case from Rifle Paper Co. too! They have the most adorable stuff. Have you seen their illustrated book covers? Swoon!!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yes! I can’t look at their stuff too much, or I get really jealous that I didn’t make it! ;)

  2. Ashley Elrod

    The phone cover, swoon! I’m also currently very into pairing down my wardrobe, feels so freeing. But I just got the stylebook app, it may be $5 but it lets you layer your clothes and it’s a simpler look. As a designer it has me hooked.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Ok cool, I’ll check that one out too. Pureple also lets you layer your clothes if you edit out the photo background with the tool included in the app, but I was too lazy to do the extra step.

  3. Natalie | Circus & Bloom

    That Pureple app looks like it’s definitely worth the download! I oftentimes stare into my wardrobe and think, “I have nothing to wear.” I’m on a budget right now, so buying more clothes isn’t an option. This looks like a great solution to the problem. Thanks for the tip!

    Circus & Bloom

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yup, it’s perfect if you’re on a budget. I’m half way through a year long challenge not to buy new clothes and after doing this the itch to shop is totally gone!

  4. robyn

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Pureple app! What a find!
    Taking an inventory of all my clothing was really an eye opener!

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