Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Last night I made a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards the old fashioned way. It took me right back to elementary school—glue, stamps, paper doilies, cut paper hearts… those were the days. I skipped the glitter (since I am a glitter-hating adult now) and used silver and gold spray paint for sparkle instead. I needed some examples for the Valentine’s Day card making session I’m leading at Gather this weekend, and I think these will do nicely. If anybody around the Raleigh area wants to join in and make a bunch of cards like these, here’s the info!

handmade Valentine cards

handmade Valentine cards


  1. Jennifer L

    I’m super curious about how you did the spray painting. Did you do it inside? How did you control what the paint got on or didn’t get on? I’m trapped inside by cold and snow and would love your secrets for doing something small like this.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I took them outside to spray paint. You can’t use spray paint inside because the fumes are terrible and the paint would go all over the place. (I know this from personal experience, haha!) I just laid the blank cards on a piece of cardboard box from the recycle bin, taped a doily to the card, and sprayed. Then when I removed the doily I was left with the lacy pattern painted on. It only took a minute or two. Totally worth braving the cold for. ;)

  2. Lauren Hooker

    You have the best way of offering something completely unique and witty, and I love following along with you! I might need to work on a “you’re weird and I like it” card for my husband this Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the inspiration and the laughs that I always get every time I visit your site!

  3. Amy Kunkle

    I was looking for witty valentines and I found them! Thanks for the laugh and the inspiration. :) I love rotary stamps for these kind of cards, have you tried those? Lmk, they’re super fun. ~amy

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      I haven’t tried rotary stamps! They would definitely be perfect for card making.

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