Greeting Card Inventory Storage

For the longest time I struggled to find a good way to store my greeting card inventory. I started out keeping my cards stacked in these, but cards kept getting caught up and crushed as I slid the drawers open and closed. The drawers could only hold about 40 of each card, so I had to keep extra inventory stored in chalkboard boxes (pictured below). The boxes were hard to access and made it difficult to know when I needed to reorder cards.

greeting card inventory storage

After over a year of brainstorming, I think I finally have the solution! I wanted to share it just in case any other small paper goods businesses out there are stuck on this too, because googling was no help at all.

Five months ago I ordered a whole bunch of Ikea Billy bookcases with glass doors. A few weeks ago they were finally all delivered and undamaged. Dealing with Ikea was a bit of a nightmare (hence the 5 month delivery time). It turns out their customer service is about as good as Time Warner Cable’s, but I had to suck it up since there’s nobody else that can match their prices.

I lined the shelves with these cardboard bins, which are perfectly sized to fit my standard 5″ x 7″ greeting cards and 3.5″ x 5″ notecards. I spent hours searching the internets to find bins or baskets that were the right size and inexpensive. I was positively giddy when I stumbled across these! I even labeled the bins with labels that coordinate with each card’s designated envelope color.

Now I can see at a glance when I need reorder a card, and it’s so easy to grab what I need when I’m filling orders. Shipping all those Valentine’s Day cards the past few weeks was a breeze compared to the mess it used to be!

greeting card inventory storage

The glass doors on the bookcases will protect my cards from dust and humidity, and just look at all those empty boxes waiting to be filled with new designs!

greeting card inventory storage


  1. Paper and Ash

    Oh my goodness i love love love these and am organisational, stationery loving heart is sooo jealous even though I don’t have a need for these I am convinced I still *need* them :-)

  2. christa mae

    Holy cow. This is some of the best eye candy I’ve seen in a while. Love the billy with glass doors. They’re my dream bookshelves. Someday I will have a library or some other logical room to put them in! And those kraft bins are perfection!

  3. Myra

    What a great idea…will have to keep this in mind and ironically I know what you mean about IKEA…I used to work there. I did my best to treat customers the way I want to be treated.

  4. Julie Wylie

    This is so gorgeous! Some of the prettiest inventory keeping I’ve ever seen. Really helpful too as I’m now starting to figure out a good organization system for Whimsy + Wild. Thanks for the post!

  5. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

    YOU GUYS!!! You are my people. :) I love that we all get excited about the same things. Thanks so much for being here!

  6. Julie

    Hey girl! So when you get an order of stock from the printer you fold it all at once? I am trying to figure out my stock storage myself and since I buy in such bulk it’s hard to fold everything. But the majority of storage examples I have seen seem to be all folded/packaged in bins like the ones you have shared. Still trying to figure out what will work best for me!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Oh, my printing company folds my cards for me! They have a folding machine that they run the cards through. It saves me a lot of time. You could probably still use shelves like this (just without the bins) and stack up your unfolded inventory, right?

  7. Coley

    I love these amanda! for some reason the link for the cardboard bins isn’t working…can you tell me where you ordered them from? I love the simple clean look of this!! thanks for sharing your tips. super helpful! hope you’re well. :)

  8. Vivien

    how mad would you be if I stole your entire set up, but gave you complete credit on any social media outlet I shared it with? I NEED AN ORGANIZATION SYSTEM! I am so painfully type B and it’s driving me and my family crazy. Also, you are such a God-send because I was just goggling “kraft stationery box holder” because I couldn’t find the name for the kraft bins that you just shared and gave us the link for. I have never been more thankful to stalk such a great stationer before. Thank you. LASTLY *longest comment ever* are you going to be at NSS?!?! I’m going! Just attending like a true paper groupie, but I would just loooove to meet you!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Go right ahead! I shared it because I figured other people are out there trying to figure this stuff out too and struggling like I did. It took me years to come up with a storage system that works well! Nope, I’m not going to NSS, but have fun! :)

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      The 6″ x 9″ x 4 1/2″ bins fit my 5 x 7 cards like a charm.

  9. Wenona

    Im sitting in my craft and everytime I go to get a card I can’t help butthink is there a better way to store them. Shelving them was the only way I could think of and gain instant access without them being un sellable. Then I came across your blog. Yours look totally awesome. BTW I saw your post on pintrest.

  10. Sandra Mehl

    This system is wonderful. Currently I have a decent storage system, akin to your previous system 😝
    I have an unrelated question though that I hope you may be willing to answer. Please, as a small paper-goods business owner, can you tell me what type of printing business you have print your cards? I have been using my local print shop, and I loved them, but sadly they sold their business. I have shopped around, but have not found a print source that does quality work for a great price, so that I can make a decent profit for my efforts.
    Thank you for any help you may be willing to divulge.

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