A Buttload of New Cards

I just added a buttload of new cards to the shop! If you’re wondering how many cards it takes to make a buttload, the answer is nine.

This one isn’t a card, but I created a new listing called the “Procrastinator’s Special”. If you purchase the special, I’ll handwrite your custom message inside the greeting card of your choice and send it directly to the recipient in a hand-addressed envelope with a pretty postage stamp. It’s perfect when you’re short on time and need to cut out the middle man.

new wit & whistle cards

Here’s a happy engagement/wedding card to cheer your friends up on their wedding day. It’s also appropriate for old people’s anniversaries!

new wit & whistle cards

Nothing says “happy graduation” or “congrats on the promotion” like underpants, am I right?

new wit & whistle cards

For your knocked-up friends.

new wit & whistle cards

Bare hug! Great for sending sympathy, encouragement, or just because. I went with the man—thanks for all the feedback the other week! Keep scrolling to check out what I did with the bear.

new wit & whistle cards

Perfect for any occasion. I love a good “doodie” joke.

new wit & whistle cards

The puzzle card existed in my shop a long while ago. I decided to freshen it up and bring it back. Sometimes you need a card with a little less wit and a little more whistle.

new wit & whistle cards

The bear didn’t mind baring all for this birthday suit card, since bears are usually stark naked anyway.

new wit & whistle cards

A spring-themed birthday card that I’m pretty sure all Grandmas and/or Grandpas would love to receive. That’s Roberta—my favorite chicken. That reminds me, I should post a backyard chicken update sometime soon.

new wit & whistle cards

Technically the “that sucks” sympathy card isn’t new, but I discontinued it a while ago, and now I’m bringing it back because I missed it.

new wit & whistle cards

Did anyone else notice that 3/9 cards featured tighty whities? What’s up with that?


  1. Chris Pridmore

    Awesome job, Amanda! They all look fantastic. Not sure what to make of your underwear fetish, but I’m still here reading – which probably says more about me… oh dear. Happy Easter!

  2. Noelle

    I just sent one of the old “That Sucks” card to a friend whose cat died! I know it will help lift her spirits! Glad you brought it back so I can get more!

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Aww good! I figure there aren’t enough light hearted sympathy cards out there. :)

  3. Lauren Hooker

    I always love seeing your latest work. You have the best sense of humor! Thank you for the laughs today (especially the birthday suit card – I’m still smiling!).

  4. Michelle

    Now THAT’s how to make someone uncomfortable…a bear with his tighty whities around his ankles! Good job! Love them all!

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