Business Card Inspiration

I’m going to redesign my business cards soon, so I’ve been wandering around the internet hoping to be inspired. These are some of my favorites finds so far. Have you seen any good ones lately?

If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with black ink on kraft paper. (source: ghost)

business card inspiration

This one makes me wish I had a beard so I could illustrate a cute, beardy self portrait. (source: Jared Andrew Schorr)

business card inspiration

Tape business cards = genius. You could go around sticking your business cards on people—even against their will! You’d just have to be sneaky about it. (source: akula kreative)

business card inspiration

Yes to hot pink edges. I tried to do this with gold spray paint once but failed miserably. I adore the llama too. (source: Shyama Golden)

business card inspiration

I love the idea of giving business cards a bit more dimensionality, but this wouldn’t work well for my purposes. I keep a stack of cards in my bag to pass out on the fly, and I think I would end up with a mess. (source: oh, hello friend)

business card inspiration

Washi tape and twine is another winning combo! Although I may be too lazy to assemble something this intricate. (source: Mint)

business card inspiration

The cool kids print on tags instead of using the typical business card format. (source: Joseph Parra)

business card inspiration

How great is all this layer-y, hand-stamped goodness? (source: oh, hello friend)

business card inspiration

In other news… if you commented on my blog this week, I’m sorry to say that your comment has been lost in cyberspace. Sorry! My butt-munch of a web host randomly lost all my website changes for the past week, and since I only backup my database once a week I don’t have them either. Sad! Just wanted you to know I didn’t delete them out of spite or anything!


  1. Mireya Pizarro

    Wow yes these are some nice ones. I am working on a business card and I seem to be liking the first one on kraft paper. My buisness is Little Lemonade Studio so I am experimenting with yellow and pink.

  2. Tiffany B.

    Have you thought of You can choose a different image for the back of each card (can’t remember if they have a limit). So you could use a variety your different illustrations for the back and put all your biz info on the front.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      No way, that would be awesome. I’ll check them out, thanks!

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