This year instead of carving a pumpkin for Halloween, I got the bright idea to carve a butternut squash. I don’t know what made me think I’d be able to easily summon enough brute strength to carve something pretty into one of these tough vegetables. Now that I’ve done it, I don’t recommend it. I see now that pumpkins are much more suitable to carving. That’s why it’s pumpkin carving, not squash carving, that became a Halloween tradition.

Halloween butternut squash carving

If you’re curious, this is how I Halloween-ified my squash. First I sliced the top off with my big chef’s knife. I planned to use a smaller knife to remove slices from the solid squash neck until it was hollow. Within a minute I had snapped my knife blade off in the squash.

I decided power tools were in order and got my drill. I didn’t get my battery-powered drill, I got my big manly drill that plugs into the wall. That worked pretty well to hollow out the neck of the squash. I drilled a bunch of holes until they all banded together and formed one big hole. Hole cooperation.

Halloween butternut squash carving

Next I flipped the squash over and cut a traditional serrated “pumpkin top” shape into the bulb at the bottom. I scooped the seeds out of the base and continued drilling down the interior length of the squash until the whole thing was hollow. Then I put the top and bottom back in place.

Halloween butternut squash carving

I tried to think of something to carve but couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t also lead to me losing a finger. I already had my drill out… so… I just drilled holes all over it. It’s a technique I used a few years ago on a pumpkin, but maybe I get bonus points for using a butternut this time? It’s way too much fun to drill holes in food with power tools. I couldn’t resist once I already had the drill laying there next to the squash. These are the drill bits I used.

Halloween butternut squash carving


Halloween butternut squash carving

Halloween butternut squash carving

Happy Halloween everybody! What did you carve this year?


  1. Amy Lynn

    Well it looks very cool, even if it was such a pain! I think you took the best route with the drill method lol. I don’t usually carve my pumpkins, I just set them on my porch. Pretty boring….

  2. Dana

    Power tools are my thing, too. I found out years ago that reciprocating saws are awesome for pumpkin carving. I cut the bottoms out (or a side) and forget about scraping all the goo out. Just put the candle inside and go with it. Recently went to the battery operated ones and no burnt smell! I love to eat my butternuts, so not likely I’d carve one, but always go for the wildest looking fall squash I can find for Halloween.

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