Monarch Chrysalis

I’m finally feeling settled in the new house, and the buyers of our old house close on Friday! I’m looking forward to resuming my normal, boring life routine again once everything is finalized. Sweet, sweet routine. I didn’t realize how many months the whole moving/home selling process would take!

My parents gave me the coolest housewarming gift—a monarch butterfly chrysalis from their garden! The chrysalis started out seafoam green and became transparent right before the butterfly hatched. I missed the actual hatching process, but the butterfly crawled onto my hand before fluttering away, and I nearly died of happiness. Its sweet little butterfly toes were surprisingly prickly!

How can I train a butterfly to sit on my finger all day? So much better than jewelry!


  1. Susan

    Years ago, we were lucky that a monarch laid an egg on our house siding and that my little boy and I were there as the monarch emerged. It was a very magical moment, I too took pictures, though, that was in the OLD days when you needed film for the camera. LOL, it is so amazing how many pics people take nowadays, since film isn’t the issue it once was. No pictures with eyes closed or heads cropped off at the top. Thanks for sharing, this was a fond memory.

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