White Background Product Photos

First of all, thank you so much for the rush of orders lately! I’m eternally grateful to you all for keeping Wit & Whistle in business. :) While my office manager/mom has been shipping your packages out in a timely matter, I’ve been busy updating all my product photos. It’s not glamorous work, but somebody’s gotta do it! Initially I was nervous about ditching my tried and true burlap background, but it turns out I love the white! It really makes my products pop. Here are a few before and after screen shots…

Cards with my old burlap background:

Cards with my new white background:

Art prints with my old burlap background:

Art prints with my new white background:

I’d say my new light box has definitely paid off. Redoing all my product photos has been a ton of work, so if you like the burlap better… don’t tell me! Just kidding, you can if you want. I can take it. I’m still going to use the burlap for styled shots for marketing purposes, so it won’t totally disappear. I need to tweak my thumbnail images so they’re bigger and less spaced out, but I’m making progress! My goal is to finish by the new year. Sounds like I’m in for a fun Christmas, eh?


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