New Instagram!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this sooner, but I finally set up a personal Instagram account! Now I can gush about all my non-Wit & Whistle interests without annoying people who just want to keep up with my product line. Woo! So going forward, @witandwhistle will be only about Wit & Whistle related stuff, and @amandaraewright will have pretty pics of my home, house plants, miscellaneous creative projects (like pottery), and whatever else I come up with.

I need to figure out a way to tie my blog in with Instagram. I don’t like that all my photos eventually get lost in my Instagram feed, whereas my blog posts are more permanent, and anyone on the whole internet can search them out. Do any of you still blog in this brave new social media world?

Here are some photos of our new house from my new insta-g account! After much deliberating I decided to jump on the big circular mirror bandwagon. There’s no going back. I want MOAR! I want them everywhere. Cover the walls. Gimme all the plants and circle mirrors. I’ll die blissed-out.

round mirror fireplace mantel

Fiddle Leaf Fig #3 (RIP Fiddle Leaf Figs #1 and #2) is doing quite well at the new place! I got a tiny cheap one, and it has doubled in size already! The keys to a Fiddle Leaf’s heart are apparently TONS of sunlight and watering sparingly when the soil feels dry. Boom. I win this time, Fiddle Leaf. I guess you do too, because you’re not dying.

fiddle leaf fig new growth

Here’s our master bathroom tub. I don’t take baths, but the dogs and plants tell me it’s nice. Seriously though, if you take a bath don’t you have to immediately shower to wash the soap scum off?

bathroom tub subway tile

The living room pretty much only looks like this when Fern is sleeping, and I’ve hidden all her toys. Actually I think she was awake when I took this, and I just pushed all her crap over to the left and cropped it out. Hah.

leather couch interior design

This guy is putting the monster in Monstera. Holy cow. I’m going to need to take a weed wacker to it pretty soon.

monstera plant

Here’s my favorite plant-y corner of the kitchen. Two more orchids may have shown up since I took this. What? I couldn’t help it! At $8 a piece they were practically giving them away!

kitchen plants urban jungle

Maybe I’ll tie in my instagram with my blog by re-posting my favorite photos here, but with more words. I’m not really a big writer, but I could pretend we’re chatting over coffee and just say random things. You likey?

Another question is, if I separated my Instagram into personal and business accounts why wouldn’t I do the same with my blog? #quandary #ohwaithashtagsdon’tworkonmyblog

Thanks a lot to those of you who still read my blog! I feel like blogging has gotten really weird over the last few years. Like, not totally dead, but mostly dead? It has been a bit demotivating, so I’ve been pretty flaky about posting, but I still love being able to throw a post up when I can! <3


  1. Yelena Smirnova

    I’ve always loved seeing your house posts, you have such an awesome set up! Digging the new IG account fo sho.

  2. Haylei

    I have been trying to find a plant like the one you have at the bottom of the photo- a Chinese money, or friendship, plant? Where did you get this one? Thanks! Your place is beautiful!

  3. Jenna Kalk

    I love your blog and will happily read about or admire pics of whatever you want to post!
    ❤️, your number 1 fan

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      OMG how are you reading my blog so soon after having baby #4? You are truly my number 1 fan. Thank youuuu!

  4. Piia

    I have always loved your posts about your house (the old one and the new) and your pottery! Your doing such a great job!

  5. Kristin O

    I really like your blog! Pictures are great, but words+pictures is better, in my opinion- but I’m also not the one writing the blog while balancing a million other important responsibilities, lol. :) I love all your plants- your kitchen jungle makes me drool! What’s that crazy looking one in the top right corner with the amazing flowers?
    I was wondering if you have any tips for keeping plants while also having a busy and curious little one running around? My youngest is almost 2, and I’m terrified of her eating one or (less importantly) knocking one over if she can reach it.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Thanks a lot Kristin! I forget a lot of people like reading blogs, I mostly look at the pictures haha! ;) The flowering plant is an orchid. My daughter just turned two. She went through a phase around 15ish months wanting to get into my plants, but we were really strict about her not touching them, and now she leaves them alone for the most part. I think a lot of it is her personality. I’ve barely had to do any child proofing around the house, as telling her “no” is usually enough. But maybe another part of it is that I have so many plants around they’ve become uninteresting/white noise to her? You might try some hanging plants, or plants in pots that are on stands and harder to get to.

  6. Taryn

    I just thought I’d confirm two of the questions you asked, because I also believe they are very important and relevant.
    1.) Please blog, I like reading. Also, my understanding is that social media has been confirmed to cause addiction and a whole bunch of other horrific things that are sinisterly similar to zombieism.
    2.) I really like taking baths, but when I’m done I immediately feel the need to stand up and rinse off the soap scum and other “fun” bath-taking product debris that also accumulates all over the inside of the tub and looks so yucky once I’m out of the shower and dressed that I must immediately use a scrub brush and cleanser to apply enough elbow grease to the tub in order to get it clean that I start sweating and smell like chemicals, and as I rinse off again in the clean shower, I wonder why the f×%! I just wasted two hours of my life and enough potable water to support like 5 families for a week in some parts of the world just to do – what, exactly? I still like taking baths, though – I used to live by the ocean, and I think it’s got something to do with needing to move back to the coast.
    Hope you have a great day!

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