Wit & Whistle Shenanigans – January 2018

I’m finding it hard to believe January is almost over! Things in the studio have been buzzing this month.

All of my greeting cards are now stocked in their new A2 size and happily tucked into my inventory storage shelves (Billy bookcases from IKEA). I have some leftover A7 sized cards that I’ll be selling off through my Etsy shop until they run out.

Wit & Whistle home office, artist studio, inventory storage

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast! Here’s one of my newbies for this year. Inspired by The Walking Dead and the sentimental way the characters take out a loved one who turned zombie. Although, I sometimes question why I’m still watching that show. It really jumped the shark with season 7.

Wit & Whistle sketchbook, design process, hand lettering

Wit & Whistle greeting card, zombie card, love card, valentine card

Here’s a shot of my studio desk at the new house. That stripey calathea plant on the right is one of my faves. I’m planning to rearrange my shelves a bit one of these days and clump my globes into a more appealing globe cluster. Needs more plants too. ;) Other things keep getting in the way of my office tweaking though, like all the RUBBER STAMPS I’ve been working on. Yup, I’m finally bringing them back! My goal is to release them in May.

Wit & Whistle home office, artist studio, workspace, plants

This new Valentine’s Day card is for people with cilantro issues. The first time I had cilantro was when I got out of college and started cooking grown-up recipes that called for things like fresh herbs and obscure root vegetables. A particular soup recipe called for a huge bunch of cilantro. The smell almost knocked me out, but I’ve loved it ever since. I know there are plenty of passionate cilantro haters out there though!

Wit & Whistle sketchbook, design process, hand lettering

Wit & Whistle greeting card, zombie card, love card, valentine card

That’s all the news from the studio! We’re shipping out Valentine’s Day cards like crazy, so if you need one check ’em out here.



  1. Sara Ferrara

    Love the setup, Amanda! Those IKEA bookcases added a great touch to your studio. But, why did you switch to the A2 size cards?

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Mostly because the wholesale side of my business has grown so much, and A2 has become the industry standard for all but big-box stores. Stores that sell my cards can fit more smaller cards on their display shelves. The smaller cards are easier and less expensive to ship in bulk, and they don’t take up as much room around my studio for inventory storage. Not to mention they are so cute. :)

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