Grammy’s Recipe Collection

My Grammy passed away last week. She was an amazing woman, grandmother, and great grandmother—thoughtful, generous, and faithful. She was always a big presence in my life, in spite of the physical distance between us. She lived her faith, encouraged my creativity, taught me to love growing things, and showed me the importance of making and sharing good food. She also left me with an unshakable affinity for mid-century, grandma-chic decor and huge quantities of houseplants. Case in point, Grammy’s living room:

grammy's house

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of visiting Grammy. Every morning I’d wake up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and biscuits and find Grammy shuffling around the kitchen in her goofy pink “house shoes” effortlessly whipping up a breakfast feast (complete with homemade jams). We spent the days exploring the West Virginia mountains around her home, and between adventures there were good things to eat. Grammy’s kitchen counter was always piled high with homemade sugar cookies and two or three other sweet treats—not to mention her delicious home-cooked meals. Grammy loved to feed her people, and she loved to share her recipes.

Twelve years ago Grammy gave me the best wedding gift. She painstakingly handwrote a cookbook for me filled with her favorite recipes. In honor of her memory I’ve digitized them so they can be shared. Now we can all enjoy her yummy recipes, and she can help fill hungry bellies for years to come. I hope you find a few new favorites. Here’s the cookbook.

grammy's recipes


  1. Amy

    So sorry for your loss ❤️ Grandmas are the most special people I think. Reading your memories reminds me a lot of my own grandma! I love what you did with the cookbook, that’s such a great gift to have. I also want to save some of my grandmas recipes. There’s just something about seeing their handwriting, it’s so sweet.

    1. Amanda (wit & whistle) Post author

      Yes, the handwriting is extra sweet. Grandmas are the most special!

  2. Maria

    So sorry for your loss. It sounds like a great person left this world and will be missed by many. Thank you for sharing the book, it’s such a sweet way to share a memory and let it live

  3. Teresa

    I love that it’s handwritten. It must have taken forever for her to make this book for you. Thank you for sharing with us! your Grandmother’s recipes will live on in my family in Wisconsin – I’m always on the lookout for homemade recipes and I think I just hit a little jackpot here!
    Thank you!
    Your longtime follower,

  4. Karla

    So sorry for your loss Amanda. Those are beautiful memories. Thank you so much for sharing her recipes with us! I am trying to learn how to make delicious home cooked meals so I am looking forward to trying these out!

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