Grammy’s Recipe Collection

My Grammy passed away last week. She was an amazing woman, grandmother, and great grandmother—thoughtful, generous, and faithful. She was always a big presence in my life, in spite of the physical distance between us. She lived her faith, encouraged my creativity, taught me to love growing things, and showed me the importance of making and sharing good food. She also left me with an unshakable affinity for mid-century, grandma-chic decor and huge quantities of houseplants. Case in point, Grammy’s living room:

grammy's house

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of visiting Grammy. Every morning I’d wake up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and biscuits and find Grammy shuffling around the kitchen in her goofy pink “house shoes” effortlessly whipping up a breakfast feast (complete with homemade jams). We spent the days exploring the West Virginia mountains around her home, and between adventures there were good things to eat. Grammy’s kitchen counter was always piled high with homemade sugar cookies and two or three other sweet treats—not to mention her delicious home-cooked meals. Grammy loved to feed her people, and she loved to share her recipes.

Twelve years ago Grammy gave me the best wedding gift. She painstakingly handwrote a cookbook for me filled with her favorite recipes. In honor of her memory I’ve digitized them so they can be shared. Now we can all enjoy her yummy recipes, and she can help fill hungry bellies for years to come. I hope you find a few new favorites. Here’s the cookbook.

grammy's recipes

The Best Planter Sources

Now that I’ve unmasked my true crazy plant lady self over on Instagram, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where I get pots for my houseplants. So naturally, a roundup is in order!

where to buy planters and plant pots

where to buy planters and plant pots

Plants have been part of my life since I was a kid (seriously, once I saved my allowance to buy a ficus tree for my bedroom). So, I’ve been collecting planters for a while. Half the fun of keeping plants is curating the pots they live in, right? Well, that and when they grow huge new leaves!

where to buy planters and plant pots

Here are some of my favorite planters available for purchase now (some of which I recently procured)…

where to buy planters and plant pots

top left to bottom right: Sky Blue Scalloped Pot, Sulli Light Pink Planter, Drum White Planter, Mid-Century Turned Leg Planter, Geometric Concrete Planter, Moki Peach Planter, Vaquita Orange Footed Planter, Ceramic Fluted Pot

Below is a comprehensive list of allllll my favorite houseplant pot sources. The planters these stores carry usually change seasonally, so you can revisit every so often to see what’s new.

local garden shops
eBay (for vintage planters)
Etsy (for vintage and handmade planters)
Crate and Barrel
West Elm
Urban Outfitters
Home Depot

If you have access to a community ceramics studio, making your own pots is the best way to get exactly what you’re looking for!

I’ll add more as I think of them. Happy planting! :)

Wit & Whistle Shenanigans – January 2018

I’m finding it hard to believe January is almost over! Things in the studio have been buzzing this month.

All of my greeting cards are now stocked in their new A2 size and happily tucked into my inventory storage shelves (Billy bookcases from IKEA). I have some leftover A7 sized cards that I’ll be selling off through my Etsy shop until they run out.

Wit & Whistle home office, artist studio, inventory storage

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast! Here’s one of my newbies for this year. Inspired by The Walking Dead and the sentimental way the characters take out a loved one who turned zombie. Although, I sometimes question why I’m still watching that show. It really jumped the shark with season 7.

Wit & Whistle sketchbook, design process, hand lettering

Wit & Whistle greeting card, zombie card, love card, valentine card

Here’s a shot of my studio desk at the new house. That stripey calathea plant on the right is one of my faves. I’m planning to rearrange my shelves a bit one of these days and clump my globes into a more appealing globe cluster. Needs more plants too. ;) Other things keep getting in the way of my office tweaking though, like all the RUBBER STAMPS I’ve been working on. Yup, I’m finally bringing them back! My goal is to release them in May.

Wit & Whistle home office, artist studio, workspace, plants

This new Valentine’s Day card is for people with cilantro issues. The first time I had cilantro was when I got out of college and started cooking grown-up recipes that called for things like fresh herbs and obscure root vegetables. A particular soup recipe called for a huge bunch of cilantro. The smell almost knocked me out, but I’ve loved it ever since. I know there are plenty of passionate cilantro haters out there though!

Wit & Whistle sketchbook, design process, hand lettering

Wit & Whistle greeting card, zombie card, love card, valentine card

That’s all the news from the studio! We’re shipping out Valentine’s Day cards like crazy, so if you need one check ’em out here.


New Instagram!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this sooner, but I finally set up a personal Instagram account! Now I can gush about all my non-Wit & Whistle interests without annoying people who just want to keep up with my product line. Woo! So going forward, @witandwhistle will be only about Wit & Whistle related stuff, and @amandaraewright will have pretty pics of my home, house plants, miscellaneous creative projects (like pottery), and whatever else I come up with.

I need to figure out a way to tie my blog in with Instagram. I don’t like that all my photos eventually get lost in my Instagram feed, whereas my blog posts are more permanent, and anyone on the whole internet can search them out. Do any of you still blog in this brave new social media world?

Here are some photos of our new house from my new insta-g account! After much deliberating I decided to jump on the big circular mirror bandwagon. There’s no going back. I want MOAR! I want them everywhere. Cover the walls. Gimme all the plants and circle mirrors. I’ll die blissed-out.

round mirror fireplace mantel

Fiddle Leaf Fig #3 (RIP Fiddle Leaf Figs #1 and #2) is doing quite well at the new place! I got a tiny cheap one, and it has doubled in size already! The keys to a Fiddle Leaf’s heart are apparently TONS of sunlight and watering sparingly when the soil feels dry. Boom. I win this time, Fiddle Leaf. I guess you do too, because you’re not dying.

fiddle leaf fig new growth

Here’s our master bathroom tub. I don’t take baths, but the dogs and plants tell me it’s nice. Seriously though, if you take a bath don’t you have to immediately shower to wash the soap scum off?

bathroom tub subway tile

The living room pretty much only looks like this when Fern is sleeping, and I’ve hidden all her toys. Actually I think she was awake when I took this, and I just pushed all her crap over to the left and cropped it out. Hah.

leather couch interior design

This guy is putting the monster in Monstera. Holy cow. I’m going to need to take a weed wacker to it pretty soon.

monstera plant

Here’s my favorite plant-y corner of the kitchen. Two more orchids may have shown up since I took this. What? I couldn’t help it! At $8 a piece they were practically giving them away!

kitchen plants urban jungle

Maybe I’ll tie in my instagram with my blog by re-posting my favorite photos here, but with more words. I’m not really a big writer, but I could pretend we’re chatting over coffee and just say random things. You likey?

Another question is, if I separated my Instagram into personal and business accounts why wouldn’t I do the same with my blog? #quandary #ohwaithashtagsdon’tworkonmyblog

Thanks a lot to those of you who still read my blog! I feel like blogging has gotten really weird over the last few years. Like, not totally dead, but mostly dead? It has been a bit demotivating, so I’ve been pretty flaky about posting, but I still love being able to throw a post up when I can! <3

White Background Product Photos

First of all, thank you so much for the rush of orders lately! I’m eternally grateful to you all for keeping Wit & Whistle in business. :) While my office manager/mom has been shipping your packages out in a timely matter, I’ve been busy updating all my product photos. It’s not glamorous work, but somebody’s gotta do it! Initially I was nervous about ditching my tried and true burlap background, but it turns out I love the white! It really makes my products pop. Here are a few before and after screen shots…

Cards with my old burlap background:

Cards with my new white background:

Art prints with my old burlap background:

Art prints with my new white background:

I’d say my new light box has definitely paid off. Redoing all my product photos has been a ton of work, so if you like the burlap better… don’t tell me! Just kidding, you can if you want. I can take it. I’m still going to use the burlap for styled shots for marketing purposes, so it won’t totally disappear. I need to tweak my thumbnail images so they’re bigger and less spaced out, but I’m making progress! My goal is to finish by the new year. Sounds like I’m in for a fun Christmas, eh?