Shop Talk

A few Wit & Whistle-y things…

Here’s a peek at a new item I’ll be adding to the shop sometime in the next week or two—just as soon as I figure out the ins and outs of shipping with mailing tubes. They’re huge hand-drawn world maps printed on kraft paper! I kinda want to keep them all and wallpaper my house with them.

wit & whistle world map

My “Knocked Up” Father’s Day card just got a fresh new look. Apparently I can’t let well enough alone, and I have to keep messing with my older designs.

funny father's day card

Once I sell out of the spiral notebooks I have in stock, I’m not going to be printing any more for the foreseeable future. If you’ve had your eye on one make sure to grab it before it’s gone!

wit & whistle spiral notebooks

Business Card Inspiration

I’m going to redesign my business cards soon, so I’ve been wandering around the internet hoping to be inspired. These are some of my favorites finds so far. Have you seen any good ones lately?

If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with black ink on kraft paper. (source: ghost)

business card inspiration

This one makes me wish I had a beard so I could illustrate a cute, beardy self portrait. (source: Jared Andrew Schorr)

business card inspiration

Tape business cards = genius. You could go around sticking your business cards on people—even against their will! You’d just have to be sneaky about it. (source: akula kreative)

business card inspiration

Yes to hot pink edges. I tried to do this with gold spray paint once but failed miserably. I adore the llama too. (source: Shyama Golden)

business card inspiration

I love the idea of giving business cards a bit more dimensionality, but this wouldn’t work well for my purposes. I keep a stack of cards in my bag to pass out on the fly, and I think I would end up with a mess. (source: oh, hello friend)

business card inspiration

Washi tape and twine is another winning combo! Although I may be too lazy to assemble something this intricate. (source: Mint)

business card inspiration

The cool kids print on tags instead of using the typical business card format. (source: Joseph Parra)

business card inspiration

How great is all this layer-y, hand-stamped goodness? (source: oh, hello friend)

business card inspiration

In other news… if you commented on my blog this week, I’m sorry to say that your comment has been lost in cyberspace. Sorry! My butt-munch of a web host randomly lost all my website changes for the past week, and since I only backup my database once a week I don’t have them either. Sad! Just wanted you to know I didn’t delete them out of spite or anything!

Raleigh Guide

These are my favorite places to shop, eat, drink, and be merry around the Raleigh area! This list will continue to grow as I discover more spots I love. What are your favorites?

Raleigh Guide

fill your belly:

Centro (locally-sourced Mexican/Latin American food and the best salsa ever) 
Jose and Sons (great blend of Mexican + homey southern food—try the “chef’s picnic”)
Capital Club 16 (lots of hearty German and American dishes—get the fig crostini appetizer)
Poole’s Diner (show up before they open on a weeknight to get a table, best mac & cheese)
Gravy (yummy Italian-American)
Caffé Luna (more yummy Italian food with a fancier atmosphere)
Stanbury (small plates, very creative menu)
Sushi Thai (kitsch decor, huge variety of sushi + thai options) 
Udupi Cafe (southern India vegetarian cuisine—the best chana masala)
Irregardless Café (farm to table, healthy + delicious, get the warm goat cheese salad)
Neomonde (fresh, tasty Lebanese & Mediterranean Cuisine)
Garland (modern, eclectic Indian food with a twist)
Sitti (scrumptious Lebanese)
Saffron (Indian food—the Paneer Pasanda blows my mind)
ãn ($$$, fancy-pants sushi and asian cuisine, beautiful presentation)
Bosphorus (excellent Turkish/Mediterranean food)
Lilly’s Pizza (yummy pizza, I love “The Buddha”)
Angus Barn ($$$, a Raleigh institution, the filet mignon will make you die of bliss)
Chubby’s Tacos (cheap, dumpy, hole-in-the-wall place with excellent tacos)
The Pit (BBQ and southern favorites—the BBQ chicken is my go to)
Humble Pie (small plates for sharing, the ricotta gnocchi is dreamy)
Second Empire ($$$, super fancy and perfect for special occasions)
Chuck’s (quirky burgers and piles of pickle chips and fries)
Beasley’s Chicken + Honey (chicken and waffles)
Guasaca (fresh, made from scratch arepas)
Taverna Agora (the fried zucchini OMG)
J. Betskis (unique flavor combinations—amazing Central/Eastern European food)
Virgil’s Tacos (amaaaazing tacos, chips so freshly made they’ll burn your fingers)
Death & Taxes ($$$, but yum!)

for your sweet tooth:

Bittersweet (desserts + cocktails)
Escazu Artisian Chocolates (a huge array mind-blowing chocolates)
Lucettegrace (delicious pastries and such—love the macarons)
Duck Donuts (made-to-order, slightly gooey inside, and oh so good)
La Farm Bakery (great french bakery—almond croissants!)
Videri Chocolate Factory (tour the factory, sample and buy chocolate)
Yellow Dog Bread (the maple bacon scones are to die for)

wet your whistle:

Tin Roof Teas (tea lover’s paradise) 
Morning Times (good coffee, pretty latte art)
Joule (coffee, tea, and food too)
Café de los Muertos (coffee, tea, and treats)
Crank Arm Brewing Company (beer + a nice outdoor seating area)
Trophy Brewing & Pizza Co. (good pizza + beer—the “Milky Way” is great)
State of Beer (beer and sandwiches—the pimento cheese sandwich is the best)
Gallo Pelón Mezcaleria (a hidden spot—carefully crafted smoky-tasting Mezcal cocktails)

things to do:

First Friday (monthly downtown gallery walk)
North Carolina Museum of Art (outdoor films + concerts all summer)
CAM Raleigh (contemporary art museum)
Umstead State Park (hiking + biking trails, canoe rentals)
Eno River State Park (hiking + biking trails, swimming)
Gather (a variety of creative classes & workshops)
Brewgaloo (annual local beer festival)
Ornamentea (jewelry making classes)
Carolina Tiger Rescue (do the “twilight tour” when the tigers more active)
Duke Gardens (walking trails, gorgeous flowers, perfect picnic spot)
NC State Fair (annual—the garden, artisan and animal exhibits are my favorites)
North Carolina Zoo (this is a day trip, but our zoo is the best I’ve ever seen)
IMAX Theater (it gives me a headache, but 3D movies are neat in the IMAX)
Strawberry Picking (mid April–late May there are farms open all over for picking)
Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts (broadway, concerts, comedians, ballet, etc…)
Lincoln Theater (concerts and various shows and performances)

shop ’til you drop:

Gather (cozy, beautiful gift shop featuring local makers, also serves tea and coffee)
DECO Raleigh (perfect for browsing—overflowing with giftable goodies and doodads)
Ornamentea (jewelry supplies—run your fingers through rows of sparkling beads)
State Farmer’s Market (produce fresh from NC farms and plants from local nurseries)
Logan’s Garden Shop (huge selection of indoor/outdoor plants and garden supplies)
Edge of Urge (unique clothing, jewelry, and gifts)
Reader’s Corner (jam-packed used book store)
Flea Market (open almost every weekend, great for people watching)
Garden Supply Company (great selection of more unusual trees and plants)
Father & Son Antiques (mid-century galore and other quirky finds)
The Curatory (Raleigh Denim, clothing, and accessories)


Outdoorsy Stuff

Back in the fall of 2013 I planted some tea plants, and I was hoping to be able to do a series of posts on growing, harvesting, and processing the leaves into green, black, and oolong teas. Unfortunately things haven’t worked out as I planned. Two of my three tea plants are still alive, but they are almost the exact same size as they were when I planted them. In the summer their leaves were nibbled down to nubs by various creatures, and every winter they die back to twigs and slowly regrow in the spring. I chatted with the owner of Tin Roof Teas about it, and he has also tried and failed at growing tea plants. That made me feel a little better. I think our climate just doesn’t work well for tea plants. (I’m in zone 7, for the garden nerds out there.)

growing tea plants

growing tea plants

In other outdoorsy news, we’re thinking of having some trees taken out of our heavily forested yard. I’ve been poorly Photoshopping some different options, since I’m basically incapable of making decisions without Photoshop. The strip of land along the fence is the only sun we get in our yard, so I want to take advantage of it and fill it with beautiful plants instead of scraggly pine trees. A weeping cherry tree might be a nice replacement for the trees on the left. It’s scary to take the plunge though, because it’s so permanent!

having trees removed

tree removal