get rid of fungus gnats in plants

Gnat Apology Card

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A greeting card to apologize (or express condolences) for a house plant-induced gnat problem. All plant lovers have been there!

"I'm so sorry about the gnats"

One folded 4.25″ x 5.5″ greeting card with a kraft envelope, printed on 100# natural white cardstock, and packaged in a cellophane sleeve. Blank inside.

How to get rid of gnats in indoor plants: Let your soil dry out thoroughly between waterings. Gnats thrive in moist soil. Put yellow sticky traps in your plants to catch the adults. Before you water, soak a mosquito dunk in your full watering can for 24 hrs—this will kill the larvae in the soil. Repeat for month or two and the gnats will be gone. In the meantime get this card to apologize to your roommate/partner/spouse.


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