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Macro Reverse Ring Camera Mount

I want to follow up on the reverse ring camera mount I mentioned in this post, because I finally got one! I ordered it a while ago and it took ages to ship, but it was worth the wait. My photos with the adapter are much sharper than when I was holding the lens up myself. If I wasn’t too lazy to get out a tripod they’d really be crisp!

I’d definitely recommend getting one of these ring adapters if you want to mess around with macro photography without committing to a new lens. Just make sure you buy the right size adapter for the lens you want to use. I took the photos below with my Canon 5D Mark ii and my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens, but if you used this technique with a crop sensor camera you could focus even closer!

This is what yarrow looks like up close and personal.

macro reverse ring camera lens mount

A purple coneflower bloom is going to come busting out of this green prickly thing in a few weeks.

macro reverse ring camera lens mount

Here’s the inside of a St. John’s Wort blossom.

macro reverse ring camera lens mount

Parsley flowers—oops, I should have cut this back a while ago so I’d have more leaves to eat!

macro reverse ring camera lens mount

Just to show you how close the focus is, here’s a shot of some teensy sedum flowers next to my ginormous finger tips.

macro reverse ring camera lens mount

Picnicking (with a basket and everything!)

Daniel’s birthday was Monday, so he took the day off and we had a picnic lunch at Duke Gardens. My mom let me borrow her absurdly cute picnic basket, and Daniel looked adorable lugging it around the gardens until I settled on the perfect secluded spot.

I paired these scrumptious prosciutto and roasted red pepper sandwiches with heaps of grapes and blackberries, and a thermos of steaming hot chocolate since it was a little chilly out. After eating we laid back on the blanket and watched the clouds. It was a cliché picnic, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. When was the last time you went picnicking?

fall picnic

fall picnic

fall picnic

fall picnic

fall picnic

DIY Gift: For the Bird Lover

A while back I made my own suet cakes for our backyard birds, and they absolutely loved them. I have never seen so many birds in our yard before—it was like The Birds but in a good way. When I ran out of homemade and refilled the feeder with store bought suet, the birds didn’t touch it for weeks. Homemade is always better, even if you’re a bird!

Homemade suet would be such a thoughtful gift for someone who is partial to our feathered friends. Suet feeders are especially good for apartment dwellers, because the birds don’t make a mess by scattering seeds everywhere.

Here’s my suet recipe. It’s really easy! When it’s done wrap each cake in wax paper, and tie it up with baker’s twine. You can pick up a wire suet feeder for less than $5.00 at your local hardware store or on Amazon.

DIY Bird Lover Gift

If you want to spend a bit more, you could include a regional bird field guide like this, a small pair of binoculars, or even a bird house. I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous wren house for a while now.

DIY Bird Lover Gift

Two in one—a great gift for bird lovers and for the birds!

Style: J.Crew on the Cheap

I flipped through the latest J.Crew lookbook and thought this outfit was great, but not great enough to cost a whopping $556. So, I rummaged around the internet for a while and came up with a look-alike ensemble for only $126.85. In your face J.Crew!

j.crew look book

tank from J.Crew $68.00
jeans from J.Crew $115.00
blazer from J.Crew $198.00
sandals from J.Crew $175.00
total: $556.00

j.crew look book outfit cheap

tank from Express $19.90
jeans from Old Navy $34.50
blazer from Charlotte Russe $39.50
sandals from DSW $32.95
total: $126.85

Jonathan Adler Wannabes

I love Jonathan Adler vases. Doesn’t everybody? I periodically check the Adler website to see if they are having a 75% off sale or something like that, but I’ve never had any luck. I can’t count how many times I’ve googled “affordable Adler vase look alike.”

Finally my search is over, because I snatched up these vases at Target. They are suspiciously similar to Adler’s lantern and garlic vases but cost a fraction of the price. Get yours here and here!

Jonathan Adler Vase look alike