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The chicks are here!

After much anticipation my baby chicks are finally here, and they are the most adorable little fuzz balls. They’re so fragile and wobbly that I’m a little paranoid about their well-being, but so far so good! I decided just to get three for now—a blue Orpington (Millie), a Barnevelder (Roberta), and a Speckled Sussex (Margo).

A while back when I was doing some chicken research I saw a photo someplace of chicks wearing cupcake liners as tutus, and I immediately knew I had to make a chicken ballet video when my girls arrived. Surprisingly 1 day old chickens don’t take direction well, they get pissed when you make them wear cupcake liners, and they’re terrible ballerinas… so the ballet didn’t turn out exactly as I planned.