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Anchors Aweigh (Part 2)

Here are some photos from our trip to the Caribbean last week. We had a great time! I had a lot of “firsts” during the trip—first time snorkeling, first time holding an armadillo, first time swimming in clear sea water, first time on a cruise ship, first time using my passport with my married name, first time being mistaken for a Canadian, first time having a monkey sit on my shoulder, first time hitch-hiking, first time eating lobster…

Have you guys had any good “firsts” lately?

caribbean cruise vacation photos

There are more pics on my flickr page!

Anchors Aweigh

We will be cruising around the Caribbean for the next week! I’ll be back to blogging Monday Dec 14th.

The Wit & Whistle shop will remain open in my absence. Items purchased while I am gone won’t ship until Monday December 14th or Tuesday December 15th. To compensate for the shipping delay all orders placed between Friday December 4th and Friday December 11th will be 15% off. (Prices are not marked—the discount will be refunded to your PayPal account when I return from vacation.)

caribbean cruise vacation

Photos by vergentino, Fraggle Red, elisamike, Michael Andrassi, 2blueyeboyz, ModernDayGilligan