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The Noisy Plume

A jar of homemade plum jam from Jillian at The Noisy Plume arrived in my mailbox today! The wrappings are so sweet that I can’t bear to open it. I think I’ll admire it on the counter for a few days before I have my jam feast.

Daniel and I have been following Jillian’s blog for three years now. We mention her in conversations like she’s a friend of ours. Come to think of it that’s probably a little weird. She is a talented silversmith, writer, and photographer, and she has this way of making everyday affairs seem special. Hers is the kind of blog that encourages you savor every aspect life, and it’s one of my favorites.

If you want to get your hands on a piece of her jewelry you have to be diligent, because it sells out as soon as it hits her shop. Luckily I claimed a piece of her work early on!

the noisy plume jam